Director Identification Number – Steps

Steps for getting a Director identification Number in India ( THIS IS JUST MY EXPERIENCE AND I AM SIMPLY SHARING INFORMATION)

Recently ( Jan 2010), I was faced with getting a DIN Number for setting up a company in India. Where there is a lot of information, getting a DIN number was a challenge in itself . So here is a quick documentation of what you will need. Note: They are really picky on names being exact as the identity proof being sent.

1) go to and fill in your online DIN form. This actually submits the DIN to the Ministry of corporate affairs.

Indian Citizen – If you are Indian Citizen ( Not an NRI) , you just need to attach a picture and a proof of residency ( License eg) and proof of identity ( passport eg) . It is better to get these copies attested The photograph has to signed by a notary with a stamp on the top of the picture. This is weird but some where on the top of the picture above the head , you need the attestation. Send these with the voucher for fees that you need to pay on the site and send it to DIN cell in NOIDA. In two days after they receive application your DIN should be approved. If you are eager to find out you can keep putting the number on their site and keep getting the status. This is quite upto date. The application mentions the various authorities that can attest.


Assuming you outside Indian eg USA you need to do step 1 mentioned above. Then ask someone in India t o pay the fees online and send you a copy of the voucher. Attach a photo , copy of US passport / OCI card . Send all pages. A US copy license with exact address should work. Get all these copies attested by a NOTARY in your town. You do not need to go to the Indian consulate.

If you are a US Citizen and do not come from India
Step 1, attaching a photo, license copy and passport copies are all still true. Someone in India would have to pay your voucher fees. You even need to get all the pages attested by the notary.

You have two more steps that folks of Indian Origin or Indians do not have.
a) You need to get an APOSITLLE done. For this take your attested copies of DIN 1 form with the photo, passport copies and drivers license that has been notorised. Take this to the state department. In Washington state the apostle section is in capitol Olympia. Go there pay a 30 – 40 $ fees. They really don’t care that the content is valid but they put a huge attachment to the DIN form and a stamp. If you open the seal the apostle is invalid. You will pay a fee of 35 dollars

b) Take the apositlled documents and go to the nearest Indian Consulate. They need to attest ( put a stamp ) on the apostilled document. There is a fee in the Indian Consulate for putting a stamp on the document. Also you need to give them a complete photo copy of the DIN form with the proofs that has been apostilled. So you need to find a way to make a copy without opening the seal.

Remember notary, apositlle and Indian consulate before you send it to DIN cell If you skip these steps they will happily reject your forms. There is a phone number for the DIN cell in Noida where you can call and if lucky you can get someone to help.

Good luck with your DIN process.


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