A neat camping trip in a trailer park in Portland

As promised to Dan I am writing about this fantastic camping trip ( the lazy sort of trip ) we did a couple of years ago in the summer in portland

This is called Gorge Trailer Lodging and run by Dan who I believe works at the local school district. What makes this a fun trip is that you pick a camp site in the Columbia river area and also pick a trailer.

we picked the larger trailer and had two camp sites one for the camping kind and one for the lazy ones. when we arrived the Trailer had already been brought it There was a carpet out, some wood kept for the night. The trailer was impeccably clean too. Beware if you have a pet, they are not allowed in this. That is the only flaw i guess.

Total was a couple of hundred dollars. Cant beat that. We could camp, go out for hikes and in the evenings use the trailer. A must recommended experience if you trying to have fun in portland. If you see this and use thier services, tell them Vibhu Sent you:)


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