Finding recursively for text in a folder

The command below recursively finds all files that have the word foo in it from the current directory down

find . -name “*” -print0 | xargs -0 grep foo


The web 2.0 etiquette

Who have you added to your facebook or linked in lately. Has it happened to you, that you send an invite to someone, and for a long time they dont accept. A business contact more powerful in the social blogging pecking order chooses to add you one day. All of a sudden this person who was not wanting to add you now suddenly adds you as a friend. Once an outcase, becomes a friend.

There seems to be this interesting pattern we humans behave in the the online world. Pre facebook and linked in if you talk to someone, no one knew. In the new web 2.0 era it seems like we all demonstrate a new kind of behavior for which none of us have been schooled for.

There are etiquette’s for eating in a business meeting or in a meeting. But there is none so far in the workd of web 2.0

Every day we get up to a new kind of news, no not the ones like there is a war in Iraq.
Nowadays my headlines read

… is having a headache.
Here is a odd headline: finally got “lei’d” in Hawaii!:)…
… opened a bottle of wine
…. is needing a person to play music

In the new world i seem to be getting too much information sharing. When you really meet that person, now you build a certail perception of them based on the web 2.0 etiquette. People tend to carry sort of similar behavior on the web 2.0 world as they do in real life.

Some crazy folks i know tend to show the same behavior on these sites.

I added a friend and his wife the other day. The moment i added the wife , two other friends jumped on to connect with me to get into the gossip.

This is really funny. The new web2.0 soap. Who is chatting what with someone is now of atmost importance to us.

At the same time , I and my wife get to meet some really old lost friends whom we would not have met , but for these social media.

The new marketing and Sales strategy is called Linked In Selling. Just watch who your friends are adding.Go behind those guys. It takes year to build contacts and we expose those contacts faily easily to others to see. Have we ever thought about the effort it took to build that relationship.

It is interesting how we behave socially on the social media. Run run, your friends and competitors are chasing you:)
Beware before you get lost too deep in this complex network:)

Wait let me know go and twitter and facebook that i just wrote this article.

Good Bye And Farewell

One of my favorite persons of all time,¬† is no more today. My grandmother we call her “Patti” is no more today. She passed away in her sleep a few hours ago in her favorite town Conoor, in Tamilnadu India.


All I can do is sit here miles away and bid her goodbye. Career and Ambition has brought me thousands of miles away from family. When things like this happen, its a feeling of being lost.

Last year when I was in India I made a trip to Bangalore to see her in Ooty. It was a short trip but i will always cherish her memories.

Growing up when i was a kid, I remember the many many times I would go with my parents and brother to visit Tatta and Patti ( Grandpa and Grandma) in Coonoor. IT was always a fun trip. Taking the train in the Nilgiri Express from Coimbatore a city in Tamilnadu where i grew up to Coonoor.

I remember all those cold winter nights when we arrived in the house, my patti would cook this wonderful meal with freshly picked vegetables ( hand picked a few minutes ago ) from the garden. That garden was her love. It had all the vegetables , fruits  and flowers. I remember he knitting a sweater and being such a busy person when my little brother was born.

She was extremely good at her hold in English. For that generation of Indians to know how to write and read so well was amazing. Infact she used to write letters to me when i was doing my engineering and also when i came to US and was in Florida. I remember that clear handwriting.

Patti you will always be missed.



Article On WCF Durable Services

One of my recent write ups on Durable services using Windows Communication Foundation got published on DevX yesterday.

This article was based on a real project that i was in recently. In case you are working with MSMQ clusters and WCF for achieving guarenteed delivery this will save you some pain.

Do let me know at in case you benefit from this.

1.13 Billion People , One Medal So Far what a shame

There should probably dissolve Indian Olympic Commitee for putting up such a dismal performance. This organization formed in 1927 has become old and basically useless.

There is something fundamentally wrong with how this organization is selecting people.I cannot believe in 1.13 billion people we don’t have talent.

I was trying to compare this with the US Olympic organization.

I suspect the root of the evil is corruption and the failure to make sports a career in India. We get easily satisfied with PT Usha winning a couple of medals in Asian Games. Where is the spirit in the Indian Youth.

They are so active in the digital world. I wish i could change something that would get the best of the best who i know are there in India represent the country.

IT is a shame