Farewell to my strength – My Dad

Here is a farewell to my wonderful dad, our strength

P. Srinivasan








July 6 1941 to April 15th 2015


I am sad to say that we lost our wonderful dad on  April 15th   . He leaves us to a better place after a month long fight with health at the hospital.

What he leaves behind is a great family that he can be proud of. Born in a small Village in TamillNadu, and brought up in Tamil Nadu, Daddy did his Civil engineering,  and his post graduate . He was a teacher at Sri Ramakrishna Mission for 10 + years. During this time he has educated hundreds of kids and led a simple life.

Married to Lakhsmi my mom for 45 years now. He told the story of how he met mom and what a great and loving couple I have seen in them.

After a lot of struggle he decided to take the risk and moved to Mumbai when he was 40 and joined Associated Cement company. He never looked back and retired at a very senior level at ACC.

He was highly regarded by his peers and very well respected . I grew up listening to sales stories of cement , RCC etc.

My brother and I have always been taught by him to face life with courage. He has been there for me and my brother at every turn we took. holding hands and showing use the way. I guess for him we never grew up. HE taught me the importance of taking risks and the best role model dad we could have asked for.

I have many memories of him from the first flight he took us on, to the time I got into trouble for taking a road trip to me getting business guidance when i started the company in India.

My wife, Arati and his grand kids have learnt what an ideal grandpa should be like. A trust worthy , caring person who always was there for us from the airport when we fly, to the exams we took.

We are so glad to have spent a lot of quality time with him, travelled around , spoke to him a lot over the last three years when we stayed in India for three and half years.

You are my star, you are my hero . We will surely live up to the high expectations you had of us to lead a credible life, educate the poor, help others and be the model dad to our kids the way you were to us.

I am so happy that you lived you life to its full till just a month and half ago, drove around the city.

May your SAIRAM take you in his golden chariot as you wished to a place where you are peaceful.

Will miss dearly dad. You are our hero.



Here is my brother Anand’s Farewell to my dad

Over the years I have come to know my dad as a person who deeply loved his family, was dedicated to his profession as a structural engineer, loved to  work for social causes and was a man of deep faith. He started his early career as a lecturer in civil engineering and continued to pursue his masters in  structural engineering. Since my grandfather passed away quite early, my dad is a self-made professional. He moved later in his career to ACC  where he reached senior management position in sales/marketing and then customer services. He won many awards at regional and pan-India level during his service in ACC. Post retirement, he was offered a special position in headquarters  due to his expertise in customer service management. One of notable accomplishments during this period,  was his involvement is  rehabilitation work post the Gujarat earthquake, where he lead the  CSR initiative for building cost effective houses for the villages which were impacted by the earthquake. I can remember the innumerable trips he made during this period to Gujarat in spite of having gone through two Bypass surgeries.

Post his service at ACC, he was actively involvement with Sri Sathya Sai College of Arts and Sciences at Whitefield and Sri Sathya Sai Residential School at Muddinahalli. He undertook projects on structural engineering in Whitefield campus, water purification  for hostel and college canteen at Whitefield/muddinahalli and sewage treatment at Muddinahalli. He has supported and guided many youth from economically challenged families for college education and coached then in personal capacity without seeking monitory gains.

He has been a role model for our family and we shall fondly remember him and try our best to carry forward the service activities in the field of education and general welfare of economically challanged families.


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