Thanks to all of you who made my 40th Birthday memorable

It was one of those days of my life this week when i turned 40. The best part of this was all the friends and family who made this so much memorable for me and also reminding me in a very lovely manner that I am getting old.

Many of my friends, took the time to spend the evening with me at wonderful evening party well orchestrated and planned by my wife, Arati. She did plan this really well. Generally I am good at snooping around and finding things out, but this time I was completely taken by surprise. IMAG1473 IMAG1472 IMAG1471

My engineering room mate Gautam, landed here on Sunday morning to spend the day here from Pune. Atul my brother in law opened up the beautiful lawns at this house to allow me to spend evening with friends and family.

My parents started the day by coming home and spending the morning with me. Evening went with all the friends and family. I am blessed to know that I am cared for.

To all the friends , Colleagues from work, folks on facebook, my brother, my cousin sis who always calls me one day before to wish, my beautiful wife who planned this out, my kids who kept this secret from me. my parents who are always there for me, thanks you one and all. . I am ready for the next round of 40 years now.


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