HP Solution Center Team – Please read this

The solution center team in HP ( I know there is one in Bangalore) needs to get this act together.


In software there is a term called “Loose Coupling“. Your product HP Solution Center completely defies this rule.

Problem Statement:

Solution Center does not support multiple printers. FIX THIS.

I have HP F4488 inkjet home, HP K09-a-z and a laser jet in office. I cannot use the same solution center . I have to uninstall and reinstall solution center for it to recognize a different printer.

A user should be able to use multiple printers for scanning using HP solution center by simply choosing a printer within Solution Center.

Current Implementation


Proposed Solution

A software like solution center should not be tightly coupled to the driver or default setting etc. Instead of hard wiring the code and make them so dependent, is loose coupling using interfaces  also called as Contract first design ( this is an age old concept)

Why should the solution center product care which printer is there.

In this day and age I am even surprised software teams cant think of something as basic as this 

If you make this change I would love to hear from you at VIBHU_S AT YAHOO.COM




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