Inspirations for the day

This is  a post from me after a long time. Well a lot has actually happened in the year past . Work is busy. Home front things are great. Guess I could take more time with kids at home.

Happy to see my wife also get involved in the business. Lots of recent events near home that questions the whole purpose of life. How things can change over a wink of an eye.  Leaving only hope and inspirations and  brings a very strong meaning to what life actually is all about.

Along the journey today I stopped for a few moments to hear speakers like Deepa Malik who is paralyzed  waist down or a bit more than that is what she said

More on Deepa here

She spoke about her initiative called Ability beyond Disability to a large audience. This speech was surely once in a  lifetime. A simple army officers wife who got paralyzed at 39 decides to get financial independence. This leads to her learning computers, starting a restaurant, going back to her passion of biking. drove the Himalayan rally, swam over Yamuna, winner of common wealth game and recent winner of arjuna award, world record holder in Para olympics and winner of 4 limca records.

The point that struck me was when she spoke about how Yuvraj singh for one tumor was so famous , but she has been living with a tumor for all her life. She has infact said this to Yuvi.

She spoke mainly of

1) Doing what you really want

2) Working hard towards that goal

3) Persistence to get to the next best level.

4) Having a team of successful people who love you around you

5) Belief in team work etc

This surely was a energizer for me and I will surely remember her speech leaving me with no reason to complain about life. Don’t give up.

So long



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