Another weekend trip near Seattle – Lake Chelan at the Q Landing

If you are thinking of a good place to go for a weekend near Seattle in Summer think Lake Chelan. If you have a big family like mine – we were two families 9 adults and two dogs then the normal places like the inns dont cut it.

Try this place
Name: Chelan Concierge
Phone: 509-228-8323

Great place to stay
This place is owned by a couple who don’t live here. THe care taker who came by promptly was a fantastic person.

There was a deposit of 500 $ which was promptly returned to me . The two dogs had a great time. This place is after Lake Chelan not too far. The Kitchen was clean had all the ameneties. The best attraction was tha large hot tub that the kids and adults soaked into.

Stress free few days. There is a grocery store right at the corner. Down town Chelan is just 10 minutes away. The only flaw is that opposite this place is some sort of industrial area, but dont let that fool you.


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