Maximum message size quota for incoming messages (65536) has been exceeded.

There are two errors that may be encountered at run time which relate to the amount of data being received by the client application.

1. The maximum message size quota for incoming messages (65536) has been exceeded.

2. Maximum number of items that can be serialized or deserialized in an object graph is ‘65536’.

In general, the first error will surface when the total number of bytes that the service is attempting to return exceeds the configuration values (the

default is 65536). To raise the total number of bytes that can be returned, the following changes are required:

In the Binding configuration(s):

<binding name=”YourBindingName”



…other values…

Note that the values being configured above are the maximums possible. It is advisable to configure only the highest values required. All three values

should be configured to the same values.

The second error (from above) may be encountered after making the first set of changes. The second error is caused by the total number of (.net) objects

being returned exceeding the configured value (default = 65536). This value is set on individual endpoints and is not usually explicitly set in the

configuration file. To increase this value, first create a new (or modify an existing) endpoint behavior.

Then assign this behavior to the endpoint receiving the error.

Note again that the value configured above is the maximum.

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