Venice project – test run blew my mind

)Today i got to test run The Venice Project a peer to peer video /TV experience from the makers of Skype as a Beta tester. I have been following them for a long time. After nearly 6- 8 monts for development, they have some mind blowing user interface for TV, Video

The goal of this project is to provide tonnes to entertainment. They have quite a few things now in the test mode. There is a chat ( MSN and yahoo users are out of luck), a clock for some reason and channels like ur regular TV. For P2P technology with no upfront download, the quality of music was fantastic.

Looks like one of my long terms dreams for TV is coming true.

I dont watch TV that much, When i do its specific channles, Discovery , CNBC , 24 wherever is comes, and some kids channels ( not me for my two little ones). We watch movies but never is the movie we want to watch available on demand. So we end up running to the now infamous Blockbuster. Add on to this the tension of returning the DVD. To add the the pain the I need to record programs i want to watch and that involves a whole new level of planning and orchestration.

Should’nt watching TV be more easy? Log on , select immediately what you are in a mood to see be it a movie, a talk show or some soap in Hindi . I would love to pay extra to give me that freedom to allow what I want to watch when i want to watch.

Thats exactly where Venice project is going. No downloads , no returns , no waiting to see something and then trying to record it as i got stuck driving home.

Now that i can connect my TV in a breeze to the internet, what better way to deliver content. Gone are the days for Cable or satellite or even rented movies.

These technologies in 10 years from now will be like what the good old pay phone is now in the cell phone age. The TV delivery technology has had a turning point and this project may just be the impetus for that turning point.

Long live Skype and its creators for innovations that are truly changing the way we are thinking about approaching the problem

So long:)

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