Back online after a long absence

After a strenuous last couple of months which involved moving from one city to another, change of jobs, new school for kids and so on, At last I am back on somewhat of a normal schedule. ( i.e I can work back late nights:)

So we moved to Seattle after years in Milwaukee. So far so good. Except when it snows in Seattle it sucks as people have no clue how to deal with even a few inches of snow.

I also got my officially slogged three year MBA degree in strategic management in the mail last week. Need to put all those skills to use someday, for now I continue to do what i love to do anyways. That is develop software.

After working in the Agile software industry for years, I decided to take a shot at Solutions IQ, where everything that is done is Agile.

I do agile , XP, TDD and Scrum to my hearts content . What an awesome way to get paid to do something that you love to do anyways.

Now i am new to this place and as always its a tough thing to start from. It takes a while to find anything in a new place including new friends and so on. But I look forward to this pleasant change.

Joined the Northwest entrepreneur network, check it out. Trey do have some very neat gatherings.

After three years of hectic MBA lfe, it is quite a change to have a life. Not sure how three years went by, except i know my car made the 100 K mark in three years.

Have been reading a lot lately, lots of agile stuff, software security based books and so on.

So if you are in the area and are interested in TDD, Agile practices, ruby, enterpise architectures, Software process issues, New business software ideas, I would love to hear from you over a famous seattle coffee.


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