What an interesting day

I got up today after a very busy weekend, hoping for a weekend where all I do is “Nothing”. After working at home, I decided to take a trip to the office to find
My colleague Oli, wanting to move some equipment at his place. So I ended up going to his place to move a washer. The cost of my labor was a free lunch. So we went to this
German store where we picked up some sandwiches.

Earlier in the day, the elevator in the building had stopped working. As we came to our office taking the steps, there was a lady standing by the elevator who happens
to work at the dentist office. She looked worried and was convinced she thought some one was stuck in the elevator. As we opened the office door, I smelt this strong
burning smell (Like smoke). Our office wall is right behind the elevator. After walking around for a while wondering what the smell was and hearing the lady outside say that someone may be in the elevator we ended up calling the fire department.

Our office is 4 minutes away from the fire department and yet it took them more than 15 minutes to get here. The first thing they found out was that no one was in the elevator.
Now even they were wondering where the burning smell was coming from. They opened a cool heat sensor and that can see though solid surfaces.

Guess what they found after five minutes

It was the paper shredder that had got burnt due to the power outage 🙂

It so happened that some elderly at the dentist’s office were taken down by the fire department folks

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